Applicants will be required to have satisfied the following:

    1. Applicable to applicants with Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE) and
      Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE) results
      1. HKALE with Grade E in one subject, or HKALE (AS-Level) with Grade E in two subjects; and
      2. Passed 5 subjects in HKCEE, or equivalent, details are as below:
        1. English Language (Syllabus B) at Grade D or above, or English Language (Syllabus A) at Grade B, or English Language at Level 3 (for HKCEE issued after 2007); and
        2. Chinese Language at Grade E (at Level 2 for Chinese Language issued after 2007) or above; and
        3. Any one science subject from the following at Grade E or above: Biology, Chemistry, Human Biology, Mathematics, Physics; and
        4. Any one other subject at Grade E or above: Accommodation and Catering Services, Additional Mathematics, Biology, Buddhist Studies, Chemistry, Chinese History, Chinese Literature, Commerce, Computer and Information Technology, Design and Technology, Design and Technology (Alternative Syllabus), Economics, Economics & Public Affairs, Electronics and Electricity, English Literature, French, Geography, Government and Public Affairs, Graphical Communication, History, Home Economics (Food, Home and Family), Human Biology, Integrated Humanities, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Physics, Principles of Accounts, Putonghua, Religious Studies, Science and Technology, Social Studies, Visual Arts, Word Processing and Business Communication (English); and
        5. Any one other subject at Grade E or above; and
        6. Any one of the above subjects (i) - (v) must be at Grade C (or Level 3 for English Language or Chinese Language) or above.
    2. Applicable to applicants with Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE) results
      The candidates must have a minimum of 5 subjects in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination, or equivalent, or any recognized qualification above. The 5 compulsory subjects required are:
      1. 4 Core Subjects, with English Language and Chinese Language at Level 3 or above, Mathematics at Level 2 or above, and an attainment at “Attained” in Citizenship and Social Development#; and
      2. 1 Elective Subject from Category A – New Senior Secondary Subjects at Level 2 or above
      #  For candidates who took Liberal Studies in 2023/24 or before, Level 2 or above in Liberal Studies will be regarded as “Attained” in Citizenship and Social Development.

  1. Fluent in both written English and Chinese, and oral English and Cantonese.