Design of the curriculum and learning activities aims to facilitate students acquiring an understanding of different aspects of holistic health concept and roles of the nurse in different care perspectives.

Teaching-learning co-enhancement

Teaching and learning activities are centering at the levels and learning needs of the nurse learners. Program is structured to enable nurse learners to apply and integrate what they learn into the actual practice. The teaching-learning process also enables the nurse-educators to reaffirm their teaching role and their competence is co-enhanced simultaneously.

Quality conscious

Under no circumstance should the quality of the HD program is to be compromised. Acceptable levels of achievement must be attained before the nurse learners are allowed to progress. Quality of learning entails both theoretical and clinical components. In the theoretical learning, a satisfactory academic performance must be achieved and rules governing academic progress will be strictly followed. In the clinical learning, as the learners are providing direct nursing care to the client, the quality of care must be in line with the educational and corporate standards.

Professional development

This program also provides ample learning and practicing opportunities. Teachers are competent experienced nurse practitioners with commitment and proficiency in nursing education. They function as role-models to cultivate the nurse learners with intrinsic worth fundamental to nursing and develop them for personal growth and continuous professional development. The assumption of responsibility and accountability in parallel with their role performance as educator, coordinator, researcher, and client advocate also accentuates the attainment of this ultimate program goals.

Team spirit

Nurse learners are adults, the School of General Nursing values the teacher-student relationship. A good learning climate and teacher-student rapport are at all time to be cultivated. Two class teachers are assigned for each intake of students, and a named-tutor to a small group of students. The class teachers are responsible for the academic and administrative issues of the class while the academic and clinical learning guidance of individual learners undertaken by the named-tutors. Nurse educators and students interact with each other as a teaching-learning team with a common goal for effective and quality learning outcomes.