School Library

The services provided by the school library include:

  • Computer terminals with on-line searching facilities
  • Interlibrary loan services
  • Photocopy services
  • Audio-visual services
  • Self-study areas

Lecture Hall

There are two lecture halls in the School of General Nursing with a capacity for 100 students each. The lecture halls are equipped with multimedia teaching aids for interactive learning experiences.

Nursing Laboratory

The two nursing laboratories have 14 hospital beds and are fully equipped for demonstration and practice of nursing skills and physical assessment as well as objective structured clinical assessment. Each laboratory simulated clinical setting supports demonstrations and practice.

Study Room

The three study rooms provide a study space for private study and collaborative learning. Computers with internet access are equipped for independent search for information.

Tutorial Room

The tutorial rooms are equipped with computers, touch screens, TVs and sound system to facilitate small-class tutorials, interactive learning activities and group discussions.

Office and Other Facilities

The general office is located at the ground floor of the school compound.
There are study rooms, student amenity rooms equipped with microwaves and refrigerators.