To provide quality nursing education for nurse learners to become competent professional nurses to meet the changing health needs of the community.

Philosophy of Nursing Education


The philosophy was developed around the core values, which we believe that:

  1. Nursing is a dynamic process for promotion, maintenance and restoration of health as well as alleviation of sufferings of the client;
  2. Education
    • is a continuous and dynamic process facilitating the personal growth and professional development;
    • should meet the changing needs of the society;
    • should provide learning opportunities that meet individual learning needs;
  3. Nursing education aims to prepare learners to become competent, caring professional nurses to provide holistic health care services in the primary, secondary & tertiary settings;
  4. Nurse Learners
    • should be active participants in the learning process and assume responsibilities for their own learning;
    • should acquire knowledge, attitude, skills, analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities necessary to fulfill their professional roles as a care-giver, health educator, client advocate, coordinator, researcher, and change agent.